Kate Bolick’s Making A Life of One’s Own

97814721511861.0 Star

Fellow Spinsters, Beware! Bolick is a fake!

This book is so bad. Kate Bolick is deliberately misleading. She is NOT a spinster. In fact, she’s been constantly in relationships since high school and in between boyfriends; she has to date because she can’t eat alone. Why exactly did she write this book? Is this suppose to be her pièces de résistance? It seems like she wanted a catchy title so she could sell a book about her extremely self-centered romantic misadventures.

Let’s catalog all the moments I hated from the first half of the book (I gave up at that point because my anger as a duped reader was overwhelming):

– One major aspect to her realizing that she might be a spinster was when she realized she didn’t want to have sex. So a lack of sex drive equals a spinster? Umm no. I’m single and I orgasm every day. I know, too much information. Apologies.

– Single women are lonely. Wrong again. Being alone and loving solitude does not make a person “lonely.” This chick is a writer? For magazines? And doesn’t even know this? WTF?

– She refers to herself as a child who can’t become an adult because she’s always being taken care of by boyfriends and parents. And men don’t have that. So let’s focus on that double standard for a few paragraphs What. The. Flying. Fuck. Oh, I know! White privilege. (Bonus: auto correct wanted to make that “who’re privilege”! Thanks for the laugh, Apple.)

– Joys of a Spinster according to Bolick: Eating a Big Mac and crawling into bed without disgusting anyone. Really. That’s what she said, guys. I can’t. I just can’t. This chick pisses me off.

This book is a failure. I hate it.

I’m pairing this book with a Duchesse de Bourgogne, a Flanders red ale that’s 6.2% ABV. This is one of my favorite beers and I needed something to love while reading this book. The Duchesse is a sour ale so be ready for a tart punch to your palette.

Photo credits: Verhaeghe Brewery

Format: Paperback.

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